Waseem Ahmed

Contempory Miniature Painter

Artist Bio

During the course of my practice since 2000 till present, I have played with a diversity of ideas. My artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues.

I was born in Hyderabad Sindh in family who had migrated from India to Pakistan during partition in 1947, so I have been an eyewitness to Sindhi Mahajir conflicts since my childhood. I had several traumatic experiences of public violence. This created a deeply felt need to constantly express my pain and to consistently decry social attitudes that promote suppression, hatred and bloodshed among human beings.

I chose miniature painting as my medium to express myself because this was the only medium where I could portray negative subjects in a beautiful delicate, intricate way, or I should say in a lighter mood I could express my very loud thoughts.

My inspiration mostly comes from common people around me whom I interact with on my daily basis like shopkeepers, milk man, and electrician, and plumber, imam of the mosque near my house where I pray and while traveling on local transport interacting with common people finding out their views regarding current social and political issues and even the views of people when I travel abroad.

I observe how these people change with changing (social, religious and political) times. I also try to create an understanding between thinking of intellectuals and common people I come across in my everyday life.
Presently my work is more focused on the current social and political issues faced by the Islamic world and to which I am an eye witness on daily basis.

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